Air Pack Services

Employers/Employees must ensure that S.C.B.A equipment is...

  • Inspected, maintained, and repaired following proper service standards
  • The contents of ALL air cylinders must be changed every 6 months
  • ALL air packs are required to be flow tested on an annual basis
  • ALL air cylinders are required to be hydro tested every 5 years
  • Carbon cylinders have a life span of 15 years, they must then be disposed of
  • Aluminum cylinders last for extended years, if it continues to successfully pass hydro testing


Safety Supplies Canada is your qualified and certified servicing solution!

SSC is trained to inspect, repair, test, and service your S.C.B.A equipment in accordance with local, regional, and federal regulations. Please review the following for our servicing and rental offerings:


  • Full Repair & Re-Certification
  • Standard Servicing
  • Hydro Test
  • Annual Functional Flow Test
  • Upgrades & Reconditioning
  • Rentals: Scott 2.2 Industrial Pak, with AV20000 facepiece & 30 minute cylinder. | $45.99 per Day
  • New & Reconditioned Units are available for purchase (see SCBA Air Pack category)