Corporate Ordering Systems

 Corporate Ordering Systems 

Improving your purchasing productivity is a click away. When it comes to purchasing safety supplies, we want to make it as simple,  seamless and as convenient as possible. 

That’s why SSC offers Multi-Tiered Options to help your business Reduce and Conserve its Operating Costs, while it maintains EH&S compliance. 

Here is a quick snapshot of the two main options; The SCC Standard Plan and the SSC Pro-Plan

SSC Standard Plan

SSC can create multiple customized online catalogs for items approved specifically by your company, with your locked in pricing. 

Whether you have one person or many placing orders for safety products in your facility, we can help streamline your process.  The SCC Standard plan offers customized product lists and an established and approved workflow that offers the following benefits.  

  • Create purchasing hierarchies
  • Locked in pricing on all your most purchased items 
  • Ability to set up spend limits per user
  • Facilitate uniform purchases across multi-sites
  • Multiple product lists with your specific pricing structure
  • Increase productivity and reduce procurement costs 
  • Track order status and order history
  • Ship to any site or location 
  • Create specific catalogues according to job type
  • Accessible on any computer or mobile phone - Place orders on the go! 

Call us today to set up your new account, add users or tell us how we can make your experience even better! 

 SSC Pro-Plan*

Designed and Customized For Your Business

Consolidating vendors reduces overhead costs, helps to ensure multiple departments and sites conform to safety standards, and goes a long way in strengthening your purchasing power. 

What if you could direct your employees to a platform that looks like your company’s website, that is completely tailored to their needs, without any visual ties back to SSC?

 *terms and conditions apply

 Why Invest In SSC Pro-Plan?

At Safety Supplies Canada, we understand the indirect costs associated with the burden of having multiple suppliers. Our Pro-Plan formula is conducive to improving your purchasing process, and provides a straightforward and easy solution in ensuring your employees are directed to one centralized site. 

 Simply put,the SSC Pro-Plan offers all of the advantages of the SSC Standard Plan, but with two major additions that will be a game changer for your business.

  • We will create a new website, with your business name in the URL, that will include your logo, your color scheme, your items and your locked-in pricing. All of the advantages attached to partnering with SSC, but with the extra benefit of having the interface look like a completely internal ordering system to your employees
  •  We can include an Equipment Service Request portal. This will be a centralized  Ensuring all of your  safety equipment remains compliant and in immaculate condition for use, can be time consuming. With our Service Request Portal included on your Safety Platform, keeping up with certifications, inspections and repairs will be a breeze.  

Keeping up with your annual certifications and equipment inspections is easy, and centralized for an easy and seamless process!   

Payment Terms/Options*

 SSC can set your online accounts with NET30 terms. This eliminates the need to purchase via a credit card. Invoices are sent once items ship, and can have your PO# included for easy accounting. Orders are tracked by user, and ship to location. 

 Our system allows for multiple purchasers, while creating a proper paper trail of all purchased items. Eliminate the hassle of lost receipts, along with the added costs associated with time spent matching and balancing accounts from orders placed through credit cards. 

 *pending credit approval

How Do These Programs Help Your Company?

  • Management has control over which items are allowed to be purchased and which ones are not.
  • This program will reduce the number of different vendors across Canada into one Super Vendor that can help you from coast to coast.
  • You can lower your company's PPE costs and start getting the best prices on all of your most purchased items.
  • Reduce indirect costs, and the purchase of unapproved products.
  • SSC offers NET30 online ordering accounts. This alleviates the use of credit card purchases, as well as keeping your accounting team up to date with all invoices.
  • Fully custom built platform with your company's look and items. This makes it a completely internal program. 

Let SSC revolutionize your entire safety program - Contact Us Today!