Corporate Ordering Systems

SSC is now offering Corporate Ordering Systems to all their clients. 

What can SSC do for you?

Custom Online Ordering Catalogue

SSC can create your company a custom online ordering catalogue for items approved specifically by your company. This means your employees will have set products they can order, without ordering extra items, or items not approved to purchase. This keeps uniform ordering, and allows companies to manage what is being purchased. If items are being purchased in high volumes, SSC can also adjust the pricing so you are getting the very best price on all your regularly ordered items. We can also create multiple catalogues for your company, this allows certain users to have access to more products than other users. Need an item that's not on our store already? Not a problem. SSC will specifically add the products you require as a part of your custom catalogue

Multiple Location Ordering

Have multiple locations across Canada? That is not a problem for SSC. We will create accounts for your list of purchasers across the country. This means all purchasers Canada wide will only have access to your company approved catalogue. This keeps the same purchasing standard throughout all of your different branches. Not only that, you will be providing your company with a uniformed look as all employees will be wearing the same PPE at all locations. SSC also has numerous warehouses across Canada, with that being said we would always ship our product from the closest warehouse to the ship to location. This saves on shipping fee's and order timelines. 

Online Terms Account

SSC can set your online accounts up as a NET30 account versus always paying with a credit card. This means you can order all the items in front of you and pay via EFT or cheque later on. If this is something you're interested in SSC will require a credit application to be filled out. SSC can then send all the invoices to one accounts payable contact for all the orders placed by all the different purchasers. This keeps a proper paper trail for all orders made, as well as getting rid of the common issue of missing receipts. 

How Does This Help Your Company?

  • Your company has control over which items are allowed to be purchased and which ones are not.
  • This program will reduce the number of different vendors across Canada into one Super Vendor that can help you coast to coast.
  • You can lower your companies PPE cost's and start getting the best prices on all of your most purchased items.
  • Your company would be unified with all their PPE - All locations will be wearing the same approved items.
  • SSC offers NET30 online ordering accounts. This alleviates the use of card card purchases, as well as keeping your accounting team up to date with all invoices.

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