PPE Customization

SSC offers many different branding options for their products. This allows companies to produce their very own professional uniforms for their employees. Users can choose between screen printing, direct embroidery, custom patches, and name tags. It doesn't stop there, SSC also offers branded hardhats. Contact SSC today for all your custom PPE needs. 

Screen Printing

The screen printing process is a technique where a specific design is transferred through a mesh screen onto a material with fabric ink. This then leaving a rubberized design on the desired item with no thread being used.



Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric using a needle to apply thread through a fabric. This then leaving a durable textured stitched design directly on the fabric.


Patches and Name Bars

SSC also has the ability to create custom patches. When creating patches a user can select whether they want their design screen printed or embroidered on the patch itself. A user can have their design on the patches then sewn onto the desired clothing. These patches are also the best way of applying a person’s name on clothing.