PPE Customization


Displaying a LOGO, an employee's name or your company’s slogan on clothing or PPE has become increasingly popular among our clientele. As such, SSC is happy to offer multiple branding options, no matter your PPE requirements. From gloves, to clothing to hard hats - we have you covered!

Why Customize your PPE?

Beyond the benefit of advertising your brand on a job site, adding a LOGO can help create a uniform look for your employees, as well as easily identify your crew as they work on a busy site. Including your company’s LOGO or employee’s name also projects a level of professionalism, can help minimize loss or theft of the gear, and promotes overall safety awareness.

SSC Branding Capabilities

Customization can be done via three different processes, and are done in house at our own SSC facility. Depending on your needs and the product being branded we offer Screen Printing and Embroidery options:

Traditional Screen Printing - Using a process that presses fabric ink through a mesh screen, we can create a printed design on just about any type of fabric. This then leaves a rubberized design on the desired item with no thread being used.



Embroidery - This process involves machinery that expertly applies thread through the fabric, creating a durable textured design.embroidery.jpg

Patches and Name Bars

SSC also has the ability to create custom patches. When creating patches a user can select whether they want their design screen printed or embroidered on the patch itself. A user can have their design on the patches then sewn onto the desired clothing. These patches are also the best way of applying a person’s name on clothing.


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