Fire Extinguisher Services

  • Inspected, maintained, and recharged as required by the Alberta Fire Code (part #6)
  • By law, ALL fire extinguishers must be inspected annually by a qualified, certified technician
  • The maintenance and recharging of fire extinguishers must be carried out by Certified Servicing Agencies as approved by the Senior Technical Officer of Fire Standards
  • ALL extinguishers are subjected to maintenance not more than 1 year apart or when an inspection indicates a fire extinguisher is in such condition that maintenance is necessary
  • ALL new fire extinguishers must be certified and tagged

**Provided from Fire Code Interpretation 92-FCI-004. Consult policies in your Province or State for regional regulations.


Safety Supplies Canada is your qualified and certified servicing solution!

SSC is trained to inspect, maintain, re-charge, repair, and hydro test your Fire Extinguishers in accordance with local, regional, and federal regulations. Along with all servicing options, we can provide On-Site & Mobile Services and a variety of Fire Extinguisher Products & Accessories!

A unique-to-your-business Maintenance & Service Program can be created just for you, for full details on this program see our detailed Program Information Sheet.



Fire Extinguisher Services & Fees listed below:

  • On-Site Service Call | $85 (includes evaluation & pick-up/drop-off of serviced products in the Greater Edm Area)
  • Verification Collar | $2.75
  • Hydro Test | $16.45
  • Annual Inspection | $13.20
  • 6-Year Maintenance | $13
  • Re-Charges: 2.5 lb. $18.10 | 5 lb. $23.49 | 10 lb. $33.67 | 20 lb. $54.29 | 30 lb. $61.60 
  • New & Refurbished Extinguishers and Accessories available for purchase. See our Fire Safety product section.