16.5" Low Profile Intelligent LED Minibar - SAE, Class 1 - SWS 16310

16.5" Low Profile Intelligent LED Minibar | SAE, Class 1 | SWS

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16.5" Low Profile Intelligent LED Minibar | SAE, Class 1 | SWS


This intelligent LED minibar light features dual colour operation, low-profile design, high strength poly construction, and extruded aluminum base. Exceeding SAE J845 Class 2 requirements, this durable and lightweight minibar light provides colour-stable intelligent light output. Intelligent LED: User can select either colour option (Amber or Blue) or use both colours at once.


  • Height: 3 5/8", Width: 16.5"
  • Input Voltage: 12-24Vdc
  • Light Output: 902.4 lm amb; 640lm blu
  • Colour: Clear Dome, Clear Lenses, Amber & Blue LED Heads
  • Dual colour operation within the same light, user can select either colour or both
  • Exceeds SAE J845 Class 2
  • Extruded aluminum base
  • High strength polycarbonate construction with UV inhibitors



Intelligent™ Parabolic Reflector LED Minibar Parabolic reflector technology provides full 360° coverage that is superior to directional LED heads found in many minibars. Using our high quality low profile minibar housing with an extruded aluminum base and polycarbonate outer dome with U.V. inhibitors, allows us to provide you with a product that not only outshines but outlasts the competition!


16" LED Mini Light Bar

  • Meets or exceeds SAE J845 (2007) Class 1
  • AutoDim technology with photocell and manual override
  • Master/slave synchronizable system up to 16 lights
  • Superior thermal management
  • H: 3 5/8" L: 16 1/2" Depth: 8 3/8"
  • Battery Check™ voltage monitoring system
  • Multiple user selectable patterns
  • T-slot mounting
  • Colour Choices:

    16310 - Amber Lens, Clear Outer Dome

    16311 - Clear Lens, Amber Outer Dome

    16312 - Amber Lens, Clear Outer Dome, Mag. mt.

    16313 - Amber Lens, Amber Outer Dome, Mag. mt.