Black Gator Grip Anti-Slip Circles 	5-1/2” dia 	50 circles/pk

Black Gator Grip Anti-Slip Circles 5-1/2” dia 50 circles/pk

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Black Gator Grip Anti-Slip Circles     5-1/2” dia     50 circles/pk


Our Gator Grip die cut shapes are made from the same material as our Gator Grip products, but pre-cut to give a finished look on your floor or equipment.

All cleats come with rounded corners to reduce tape lifting and flagging. The acrylic adhesive system forms a strong bond to most any clean, dry surface. Gator Grip cleats work well in both indoor and outdoor applications. Water, chemical and oil resistant for indoor and outdoor usage.

Custom die cut shapes and printing are available to suit your application.

Gator Grip cleats are NFSI certified as a “High Traction” surface and meet or exceed OSHA 1910.24 and 1910.26

  • Rounded Corners For Longevity
  • Durable Mineral Abrasive Grit
  • Indoor / Outdoor Applications
  • 60-Grit Anti-Slip Surface
  • High Traction Surface
  • Premium Quality Construction
  • Long Term Weatherability
  • Chemical & Oil Resistance
  • Water-Proof Construction

Our premium grade non-slip grit tape product. Offering our highest level of water, chemical and wear resistance. Excellent product choice for high traffic or commonly wet areas. Comparable to 3M Safety-Walk # 600