Timberwolf Boot Lug Sole

Timberwolf Boot Lug Sole

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  • Durable construction of layered rubber, textile, and ballistic nylon built for chainsaw protection against dangerous hazards of working in the forestry industry. The VW 68-1 is built to industrial standards with CSA/ASTM certifications of Class 1 Steel toe and plate, Class 3 level of chainsaw protection and CSA Omega Electric Shock Resistant 18kV
  • CSA Z195-09 / ASTM F2413-11
  • CSA Class #1 Steel Toe and Plate
  • CSA Omega - Electic Shock Resistant 18kV
  • CSA Green fir tree chainsaw protection, CE Class 3 chainsaw resistant
  • Professional Arborist
  • Harvesters
  • Log quality inspectors
  • Seeders and planters
  • Plant maintenance managers
  • CSA Z195-09 'Green Fir Tree' chainsaw protection
  • Chainsaw Cut Protection Class 3 (28m/sec chainsaw speed)
  • CSA Z195-09/ ASTM F2413-11 Class #1 Steel toe and plate
  • NBR rubber boot with cotton canvas lining
  • Oil, chemical & slip resistant nitrile lug sole
  • Achilles tendon, ankle and metatarsal protection
  • Rubber lace collar with safety reflection stripe
  • CSA Omega- Electric shock resistant 18kV