Did you know that in Alberta...?

Various safety equipment is deemed critical for the protection of workers across a wide and diverse array of industries. As the equipment is so important to worker safety, many levels of governments and regulators have implemented strict inspection and maintenance schedules. In most cases, these are legislated by law.

In order to stay current and meet these requirements, it can become time consuming and costly to keep track of maintenance schedules and requirements. Failure to comply can result in steep fines and the threat of having your company banned from work sites until full compliance is met. 

*Consult policies in your Province or State for regional regulations. 


The Solution...?

Safety Supplies Canada is your Safety Equipment Servicing destination!

SSC is qualified to inspect, repair, and certify/re-certify various safety equipment in accordance with industry and provincial regulations. The SSC Team is fully trained to provide you with the information and servicing you need to follow the maintenance cycle required for your equipment. 



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